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Our Program


Infant and Toddlers

(4 Weeks to 24 Months)

$175 a week

Our Infant and toddler program provides a nurturing and safe environment with an emphasis on stimulating and consistent development of their learning.

Our program actively engages the children while ensuring we provide the opportunity to develop their creativity. Teachers are consistently assessing the development of each child. Parents will receive communication regarding their child’s overall progress on a daily basis.



(24 Months to 36 Months)

$170 a week

In the two’s and three’s classroom, teachers consistently work towards the child being fully potty trained.

In addition, we also focus on the development of using their words to communicate their needs. In preparation for the children to transition to the preschool program, we introduce the concept of center play. Center play provides a skillset to further develop and strengthen their literacy and social skills.



(3-5 Years Old)

$165 - $160 a week

Ages 3-5 curriculum introduces skill sets in areas of literacy, math concepts and critical thinking skills.

We focus on the use and development of vocabulary as it is detrimental to their success. In addition, children will begin to learn the concepts of writing. We organize the classroom in sections to focus on areas such as science, reading, math and writing. We emphasize the use of written language to further enhance their oral communication. Throughout this process parents are encouraged to participate in the learned concepts by practicing at home with them. Parents will be notified quarterly of their child’s academic progress. Throughout our program we emphasize the importance of learning but also encourage the children to be creative and provide a fun environment.


School Age

(6-12 Years Old)

$150 - $170 a week

We provide school age children with transportation to and from select schools. The children will be given a snack before and after school. 

We ensure their prompt arrival to and from their destination. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and nurturing environment in preparation for their arrival. It is important to send children to school in a positive way.

We also provide overnight services. If interested please call the center and we would be happy to discuss your needs!

Daily Schedule

Fees And Registration

$125 per child (non- refundable)

$208 per child (6 weeks-18 months)
$178 per child (18 months- 2 years)
$168 per child (ages 3 and 4)Must Be fully potty trained)
$158 per child  (ages 5 non-school )
$128 per child (School Age: full time; summer)
$108 per child (School Age: Before and After School: with transport)
$78 per child (School Age; Before and After School: with Transport)

$118 per child (2 years -12 years)
$138 per child (infant – 2 years) 

$110 per child (2 years – 12 years)
$122 per child (Infant – 2 years )